5 Unusual Superfoods

5 Unusual Superfoods

There’s food...and then there’s super food. Some types of foods are just ridiculously healthy and provide benefits like burning fat quicker, slowing down digestion and even reducing your risk for infections.

Keep reading to discover  the “powers’ of these delicious superfoods.

Dark chocolate

Yes, chocolate is delicious AND the occasional nibble of dark chocolate can slow down digestion so you feel full longer and eat less at your next meal. 

Studies show that you can boost your metabolism to burn fat and eating a diet high in the healthy fats which dark chocolate contains. It also helps by curbing cravings for salt, sweet, or fatty diet-wreckers. 

Acai Berries

Acai berries contain super low amounts of sugar for a fruit and are packed with healthy antioxidants, fibre, vitamin A, calcium, and amino acids. All of this helps lower cholesterol, provide extra energy, boost mental clarity and help to promote a sound nights sleep. 

Eating these also helps reduce sugar cravings and most importantly, to speed up our metabolism.

Acai powder is the perfect superfood for weight loss and can be readily stirred into your favorite smoothies and juices. CLICK HERE to get your hands on some.

Hot Peppers

If you’re the type of person to put hot sauce on everything, then there’s good news for you.

Hot peppers like habaneros, jalapenos, and chipotles can actually help you to lose weight.

They contain a nutrient called capsaicin which provides several benefits that relate to losing weight.


And don’t worry about them burning a hole in your stomach, recent research is actually showing that they may help prevent stomach problems such as ulcers by killing the bacteria responsible. 

Chia Seeds


Yes, the same seeds that create Chia Pets can also help you burn fat.. Chia seeds promote appetite control, digestive health and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to our diets, but not abundant in the food supply. 

They honestly don’t taste like anything, so adding chia seeds to your shakes, yogurt, cereal or smoothies is a perfect way to get these essential fatty acids. These little seeds are so powerful that only a tiny amount (1 ounce a day) will do the trick.


Though seaweed may sound gross to most people, it’s actually among the most nutritious foods available! In fact, most of us have already eaten seaweed without knowing it.

For example, the sea vegetable carrageenan is used as a stabilizer in ice cream, vegetarian milks.

Go for some sushi or try adding kombu (seaweed) to a soup. Or maybe you can toss it in a salad or sauté it for use in pastas and stir-fries.

Know about any other great superfoods? 

Feel free to share them in the comments below! 


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