3 "Healthy" Foods You Should Stop Eating

3 "Healthy" Foods You Should Stop Eating

Ok brace yourself for this shocking statistic...

Right now, the average adult eating a typical western diet eats approximately 67% of their total caloric intake from only 3 foods: CORN, SOY, AND WHEAT (and their derivatives).


Why is this not normal?

Well based on thousands of years of human history, the natural diet of our ancestors (and what our digestive systems are programmed to digest), only contained about 1% - 4% of calories from corn, soy, and wheat TOPS.  

So now that modern humans are getting 67% of their total calories from these 3 wonder we're seeing so many people have issues with their health and their weight!

The human digestive system just isn't meant to consume these substances in such MASSIVE quantities.

This is a new phenomenon which came about since the industrialization of the food industry - only a couple hundred years ago.

So really, it's been about the money and what's cheapest to mass produce...NOT your health. 

By "derivatives" of corn, soy, and wheat, this refers to food additives such as:

  • high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • corn oil
  • soybean oil 
  • soy protein
  • refined wheat flour
  • hundreds of other food additives such as maltodextrin, corn or wheat starch, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, etc, etc

Almost all processed foods have tons of high fructose corn syrup, especially soda and other sweetened drinks which the average person drinks on the daily. 

Even marinades, salad dressings, ketchup, breads, and 100's of other foods contain loads of belly-fattening HFCS.

This is a LOT of calories from just 1 corn derivative.  

On top of this think about all the other foods that have soybean or corn oil as an additive...chips candies, cakes, salad dressings, tomato sauces, burrito wraps, corn chips, breaded chicken, etc, etc.  

This is a LOT of calories from these 2 other corn and soy derivatives... both of them EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY!

Oh but it gets worse...

We're also feeding most of our farm animals corn and soy now too, increasing even more the amount of corn and soy passing through the food chain to end up in our bodies.

Cows are fed mostly corn in factory feedlot farms, even though their digestive systems are only meant to eat grass and other forage.

This makes the cows sick (E-coli anyone?) and also decreases the healthy CLA fats that would occur naturally in grass-fed beef.  

Our chickens are also fed a diet of mostly corn and soy and crowded in tight pens.

Even salmon and other farmed fish are fed corn and soy, which is ridiculous considering that fish are meant to eat a diverse diet of smaller fish, worms, bugs, etc.  

So even when you're eating chicken, beef, and fish, you're still essentially getting even MORE corn and soy into your body (from a biochemical standpoint)...

So it's actually WORSE than just 67% isn't it!

But why is it so unhealthy to consume 67% of our calories from corn, soy, and wheat?

Here are just a few reasons: 

  • This imbalance causes massive inflammation in your body, which is a leading cause of many diseases, cancer, and even weight gain.
  • Increasing problems with gluten intolerance
  • Problems with weight gain and blood-sugar swings  
  • Soy and corn are the most genetically modified crops which act as "xenoestrogens", causing hormone disruption in women, man boobs in some cases in men, and stubborn belly fat in both sexes  

Okay so enough of the problem, what's the solution to this?

How do you fight against all of this to take control of your weight and your health?


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