How to Manage a Heavy Workload

How to Manage a Heavy Workload

Let’s start off by saying that you need to read this article completely focused, it will be pertinent to the topic at hand.  Do what you have to do and get yourself focused on what I’m going to be telling you and make sure there isn’t some background nonsense going on and distracting you.

Got your attention now?  Good.  Let’s begin then shall we?


Before you even tackle any problem or any issue you must do it completely stress free and focused, because stress will simply trip you up and get you to overthinking which will then lead you to become your own worst enemy.  

Try this when it comes to stress relief, think about the problem you have in your life right now and think in twenty years is it going to be a big deal, how about one year, how about one month, or even one week?  

Usually the case is that when you stress over something you are thinking way too much in the now and not thinking towards the future so try this little “stress buster” exercise every time you are worried over something that has you stressing. 

Now onto the actual topic on hand, heavy workload management.  Let me start by saying this… If you had a gun to your head that was loaded and you either had to get your work done or the executioner will pull the trigger, what would you do?

You would probably soil your pants first and then get your butt to work and be the most efficient you’ve ever been.  


It is the fear of death that motivates soldiers to fight their very best when they know they cannot retreat.  

The fear of death being imminent has led to some of the greatest feats of human performance and strength and achievement.

The same mentality should be applied to your work, and that is that you have to either get the work done or DIE.  You need to literally convince your mind that there is simply no option other than getting this work done because the alternative is death.  

Start by doing that and we will go into the steps of managing a high workload.

1.  Motivate Yourself, and Keep Doing It

When it comes to accomplishing a huge stack of tasks that need to be done you need to realize that you cannot do a good job if you are just doing it like a robot.  

You need to truly put effort and emotion and passion into everything on your checklist of things that need to get done or else you will do things half-assed and end up not finding a finished product to your liking.  

Before you even start planning your list of work that needs to get done, psyche yourself up and motivate yourself so that you can have a burning desire for whatever reason you personally have told yourself as to why this needs to get done.  

I personally enjoy looking at my long term goals that I have made for myself and saved on my phone in a folder called “Motivation.”  

2. Have a Plan

It’s important for anybody when it comes to accomplishing a heavy workload that they have a plan of action.  

You need to get out a piece of paper or a planner or planning application and write down the order of things you want to get things done in and make sure that you do them in the order you assigned them to so that you can just get through them one by one systematically. 


This may be the most important aspect while you are trying to get work done.  

As stated before you now have a checklist that you should and will be following in order to accomplish the plethora of tasks that lay before you.

Now you must make sure that when you are doing ONE task at a time to stay solely and one hundred percent focused on that task.  


If you have to do Task #1 then don’t get distracted when you are doing Task #1 by thinking about Tasks 2 & 3.  This will just lead you to get back to overthinking things and not getting anything done.

Make sure you are solely focused on one task at any given time during any given list of objectives and solely 100% focused on just that.

4. Take Mini Breaks But ONLY Take Long Breaks After You Finish the Work

A lot of people get tired or bored or sleepy when they are doing their tasks and this is to be expected, it is simply human nature.  When you get tired mid task you are likely to quit.  

Try to take a little break in between the beginning and completion of the task that is no more than 10 minutes.  

The reason for this is that again, it can be easy to get distracted and then your ten minutes of break can lead to one hour of break and so on and so forth.  Make sure you set an alarm to keep yourself in check.

When you want to take a longer break, maybe thirty minutes or more make sure that you have accomplished a good amount of your work at hand (maybe two-four of your assigned tasks).  

5. Be Time Efficient

Say you have two tasks that you need to accomplish today.  Make sure that you do the tasks in the most efficient and time efficient manner possible.  

If you have five tasks that need to get done in a day, don’t do them in an order that will make you lose time.  Say two of the tasks require you to go to a location five miles away from your house and you need to drive there or spend time going there.

Meanwhile the other three tasks can just be done in the area that you are in right now.  

Strive to organize those three tasks that are in the same area to be done together or back to back so that you don’t have to keep running and back and forth unnecessarily and waste time in transit.  

6. Relax

The last thing I will leave you with is the fact that one should not worry about the task at hand.  Don’t stress over how hard they may be or how long they may take.  

You should welcome these challenges because they are what will make you better at the end of the day when it comes down to it.  

You will learn how to go through some of the hardest things in your life and as a result seeing things similar to them in the future will just make you ready to tackle them head on. 

Repeat these steps to you as many times as you need and reference it as much as you’d like.  

Just make sure you stay hungry and humble and get your success.  You will succeed, just keep that vision in your mind and give it your best. 


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