How To Get Real Active Instagram Followers

How To Get Real Active Instagram Followers

You may have the coolest Instagram page with the best pictures and videos ever, but why does it matter if you hardly have any followers? 

Luckily, there is something that everyone can do daily to get real active Instagram followers that actually engage with you and are interested in what you have to post. This is actually so common sense that many people totally forget to do it!

The way to increase your Instagram following is all about the taking advantage of the Law of Reciprocity. This law is obeyed by people in every culture because it is simply part of human nature. The Law of Reciprocity is simply the unwritten law that means that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back.

You see, when most people think of getting new followers and likes, it’s all about how to GET GET GET. But the key is that, just like everything else in life, before we can receive we must GIVE something first. 

What does this mean in relation to your social media? 

It means that if you want more people to start engaging with your page, then you need to start engaging with other people’s pages as well! 

What normally occurs when someone new follows you or likes one of your posts? It's very likely that you're going to AT LEAST be curious to check our their profile, and if you like their posts then you'll probably even follow them back. 

So who exactly are you supposed engage with? You should engage with people who follow similar accounts to yours, or like similar pictures to what you post.

Let’s say you have an online fashion brand and you want to attract other girls who are also interested in fashion to your page. You could start by going to the page of another popular fashion brand and going to who liked their most recent post. In this way, you can effectively target the followers you know are actively engaging with those type of pictures or videos.

A good routine is to scroll down the list and like the first 2-3 pages of every person’s profile, and if you really want to get their attention you can follow them too. You may also want to space these out as Instagram limits the number of follows or likes you can do daily. 

A genuinely friendly comment will also do wonders in attracting other people. 

So yeah, if you just wanted followers to look cool then you could always go and buy some fake followers that that will never like your picture or buy from you. But if you like having REAL ACTIVE Instagram followers that are actually interested in your page, then the best way is to engage them first. 

But hold on, does this mean you have to be there on your phone commenting and liking all day? Actually theres good news, because this company will help you get REAL ACTIVE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS on autopilot!

Social Network Elite is a professional Instagram marketing service that handles all of the tedious work by constantly engaging with your audience all day every day, so you can focus on what you like doing most.

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