Tell Yourself This To Start Attracting Money

Tell Yourself This To Start Attracting Money

We think someone is going crazy when we catch them talking to themselves. But admit it, you do it too. We all do actually, and it’s a good thing (as long as what you say is positive).

Affirmations or self-suggestions basically involve talking to yourself with the purpose of engraving a desired trait or mindset deep into your own mind. 

Treat yourself as the teacher and the student; like the doctor as well as the patient. You are telling yourself who you are and what you choose to bring into your life.  

Negative affirmations work the same as positive ones, so first here is what to avoid saying to yourself. 

What To Avoid

Always avoid negative expressions, and never use words that aren't in line with your desire.

Here are 3 examples:


“I can’t afford it!”

When you want something but don’t feel like you can spend the money on it, we usually say, “I can’t afford that”. 

What’s the money in your wallet for? To spend. Can you afford to spend it? That’s why you make money right? 

You don’t mean that you can’t afford it, this thought makes you a slave to the dollar.

What you really mean is: “I don’t feel that this thing is the one I should spend money on now. I prefer to use this money in other ways.”

This puts you in the proper attitude of mind, in which you are the master and the dollar is subject to your decision. 

This might seem like a super simple shift but it’s one of the most important thoughts you can apply for your success. It’s a “dollars want me” thought, and not the thought of “Dollars tell me what I should do with them!” 

Be the master of your money.

Change “I can’t afford it” into “how can I afford it?” 

“I spent so much!”

Have you ever bought something and then felt guilty about spending all that money? Many times the guilt of this thought completely cancels out that excited feeling of getting something new. 

Okay, so you bought some new clothes which ended up costing $100. In reality though you only exchanged the value of $100 in cash for $100 in clothes, so technically your balance is still the same! 

Idle dollars are of no use.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t save money, but you save to invest in other things or spend eventually - you don’t just save to save. 

Even if your net worth is $1, when you feel that it’s right to spend a dollar for any purpose, spend it as royally as if you were a millionaire.

Let a thought of use stand guard over your wallet, and then spend freely. 

Look at every dollar spent as an investment. An investment in learning a lesson, in health, in experience. Always see some sort of return coming in from every dollar that goes out of your wallet. 

“I lost so much!”

This is kind of like the spending expression, but worse. You would probably say this right after getting ripped off, spending money on something you never used/did, or felt like you wasted money on anything. 

Away with it. 

Everything balances out, nature always gives “measure for measure” The experience you gained for future guidance is always adequate repayment.

All you get out of life is the result of experience. Experience is the expression of life, the pressing out of life into who you are. 

All you are right now is the sum of your past experiences. 

So you really don’t have a reason to regret or be sorry for whatever happens. Every learning experience is a successful one.

Say to yourself:

“I’ve learned by experience what brings happiness and what brings misery. Because I used this money, I learned how to use them more wisely now and I am better because of it.” 

Once you’ve mastered this mindset you’ll never be upset over lost money, because you’ll know that every dollar others call “lost” is yours as experience forever. 

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some example positive affirmations. 

  • “I am financially free. Dollars want me” 
  • “I have whatever I desire.”
  • “I have no question of expenditure”
  • “What I feel I need, I purchase”
  • “I can afford to use dollars for my happiness”
  • “I have clothes, food, entertainment and whatever I need for health, happiness, friendship, and service to others” 
  • “I always have a good bank account. I can actually see it” 
  • “Dollars love me. Dollars want me. I am ready to use dollars and they come to me to be used” 
  • “Things belong to me. Everything will come to me as I need it” 

Repeat these until it becomes habit for you to think along these lines of thought as automatically as you have in your old ones.

Do this everyday and your mentality will change so completely compared with the past, that you’ll seem like a whole new person. 


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