9 Actions You Can Take To Get Richer

9 Actions You Can Take To Get Richer

A lot of people think that to be rich you have to be really lucky or super smart, but really, there are things anyone can do to become wealthy.

From changing your mentality to investing, check out 9 actions you can take to get rich at an incredibly high speed.

1. Think of 5 Ways You Can Make Money Other Than Your Job

If you want to be rich then it wouldn't make sense to be thinking “I earn enough”. Start thinking “How can I earn more?”

Write down 5 ways you could earn money outside of your main job.

From creating an e-book to selling on Amazon, there are countless ways you can increase your income that would only require a little effort and time.

2. Set Specific Financial Goals

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

This phrase is very true when it comes to finances, most people's goals are simply to pay the bills and rent. But if you're already able to pay for basic necessities, then it's time to set higher financial goals, such as saving, paying off debt and creating a stream of passive income. 

Mentality is important; always think big when it comes to your finances.

3. Prioritize Your Goals

Okay so now you have financial goals, but with just a list of goals it's hard to know where to star. Instead of trying to save up for a car and a holiday while still paying off debt, decide which goal is is most important to you.

Focus on achieving that, and then move on to your next goal.

4. Think Positive About Money

Rich people think positive about money and believe they deserve to have it. Many people nowadays think having money is bad and that rich people are evil, so of course they're never going to make much money with that mindset. 

Money pays for your home and it is has the ability to give you security, so it is important to view money as your friend and not your enemy.

Be grateful. Write down 20 things you are glad your money pays for, such as the roof over your head and your new clothes.

If you're struggling to see money in a positive light, remind yourself that money can either open doors or closes doors—it is your choice.

5. Get Smarter In Your Spare Time

You really think school teaches you everything you need to be successful? 

To move up in you career and in life, you must master new skills and knowledge in your area. Instead of just focusing on putting effort in at work, set some time aside to learn things on your free time.

This can be things related to your industry or just anything that you're curious about. 

Now that we have the internet, you can literally access thousands of years of knowledge from the palm of your hands, so there's no excuse. 

6. Focus On Tackling 1 Problem Per Week

The wealthy choose to focus on solving problems, not complain about them.

This attitude helps to improve your solution thinking, instead of finding excuses, and it opens your eyes up to new financial opportunities and other chances that could benefit you.

Write down a financial problem once a week, such as raising your income or figuring out how to lower the price of your grocery shop, and then come up with a practical solution to solve the problem.

Keep doing this until you've improved all aspects of your financial situation.

7. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

From leaving your job so you can start your own business to asking for a raise, many choices that seem hard at first will be financially rewarding.

The only thing, is most of us are scared to do anything we've never done before, or are too scared to make uncomfortable decisions.

Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable but may improve your life situation.

Of course its nice to be comfortable following your daily routines, but if you want your life to change, then you're going to have to change things in your life!

8. Track Your Financial Progress

Even if you're rich you could still suck at managing your money. Even a person earning high wages can still be left with little to nothing by the end of the month.

Write down your income and all of your out-going expenses. Is there anything that costs too much which you can cut out? This gives you a chance to see the bigger picture and allows you to make changes that will improve your finances.

9. Start Investing Wisely

Wealthy people always put their money to work. It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about it, investment isn't the mystical complicated land of Wall Street like many people think.

If you have no experience of investing, start researching some things on your own.Many of the best investors didn't get a degree in it first, they were self-taught. 

When you're educated and knowledgeable about investing, make small investments in areas that you're familiar with and these can become very lucrative.

So remember, these are ACTIONS that will get you on your way to being wealthy. So don't just read, act on them!

There are people who have been poorer than you and ended up becoming millionaires, so there's really no excuse why you can't do it too! 


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