These Boys Remembered Their Past Lives

These Boys Remembered Their Past Lives

Chanai is a boy from Thailand, who, when he was three years old, began talking about a previous life. He said that he had been a schoolteacher named Bua Kai and that he had been shot and killed while on the way to school.

He gave the names of his parents, his wife, and two of his children from that life, and he persistently begged his grandmother, with whom he lived, to take him to his previous parents’ home in a place called Khao Phra.


When he was still three years old, she and Chanai took a bus to Khao Phra. Chanai led the way to a house where he said his parents lived.

The house belonged to an elderly couple whose son, Bua Kai Lawnak, had been a teacher who was murdered five years before Chanai was born.

They tested him by asking him to pick out Bua Kai’s belongings from others, and he was able to do that. He recognized one of Bua Kai’s daughters and asked for the other one by name. Bua Kai’s family accepted that Chanai was Bua Kai reborn, and he visited them a number of times.

The fascinating thing is that Kai and Chanai had something in common. Kai, who was shot from behind, had small, round wounds on the back of his head, typical of an entry wound, and larger exit wounds on his forehead; Chanai was born with two birthmarks, a small, round birthmark on the back of his head, and a larger, irregularly shaped one towards the front.

Another shocking case is about James Leininger, who was a 4 year old boy from Louisiana. He believed he was once a World War II pilot who had been shot down over Iwo Jima.

James started to have nightmares, waking up and screaming “airplane crash” and “plane on fire.”

He knew details about the WWII aircraft that would be impossible for a 4 year old to know, such as the exact name of certain airplane parts.

James also insisted that in his previous life, he had flown off a ship named the Natoma, which, as the Leiningers discovered, was a WW11 aircraft carrier (USS Natoma Bay).

James said that his previous name was also James, and shockingly, in the USS Natoma Bay squadron, there was a pilot named James Huston who had been killed in action over the Pacific ocean.

How is it possible that James knew all of this? Could he have learned about Natoma Bay and James Huston through normal means?

He couldn’t have learned from the people around him, because they knew nothing about either the ship or Huston when he began talking about them. Also, James had made all of the documented statements by the time he was 4 years old, so he could not have read about them.

Regardless, no published materials about James Huston are known to exist. No television programs focusing on Natoma Bay or James Huston appear to have been made either.

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