How Do You Turn Off Allergies With Your Mind?

How Do You Turn Off Allergies With Your Mind?

Dr. Francine Rowland, a Yale psychiatrist who specializes in treating people with multiple personality disorder, relates something shocking that happened concerning one person’s reaction to a wasp sting.

The man showed up for his scheduled appointment with Rowland with his eye completely swollen shut from a wasp sting.

Realizing he needed medical attention, Rowland called an ophthalmologist (eye disease doctor).

Unfortunately, the soonest the opthalmologist could see the man was an hour later, and because the man was in severe pain, Rowland decided to try something else.

As it turned out, one of the man's alternates was an "anesthetic personality" who felt absolutely no pain. Rowland had the anesthetic personality take control of the body, and the pain ended!

But something else also happened. By the time the man arrived at his appointment with the ophthalmologist, the swelling was gone and his eye had returned to normal. Seeing no need to treat him, the ophthalmologist sent him home.

After a while, however, the anesthetic personality relinquished control of the body, and the man's original personality returned, along with all the pain and swelling of the wasp sting. The next day he went back to the ophthalmologist to at last be treated.

Neither Rowland nor her patient had told the ophthalmologist that the man was a multiple, and after treating him, the ophthalmologist telephoned Rowland. "He thought time was playing tricks on him."

Rowland laughed. "He just wanted to make sure that I had actually called him the day before and he had not imagined it."

Multiple personality disorder reveals a lot of the most mysterious powers of our mind.

By changing personalities, a multiple who is drunk can instantly become sober. Different personalities also respond differently to different drugs.

Often one or several of a multiple's personalities are children, and if an adult personality is given a drug and then a child's personality takes over, the adult do- sage may be too much for the child and result in an overdose.

What are your thoughts? How is it possible that these things can happen?

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