How To Let Go Of The Past Now!

How To Let Go Of The Past Now!

In order to let go of the past, it is helpful to understand why we hold on in the first place.

You know that you need to let go. You know that you will be happy when you let go, but for some reason… you can’t.

Why is this? It is because of the mind.

You have to recognize that this act of holding on is created in the mind and also that it is involuntary. Everyone’s mind is like this!

The mind is simply doing it’s job, and it’s job is to protect you, and to help you avoid pain. The way that it gets you to avoid pain is by getting you to remember and relive the pain of your past. It brings up things people said, or situations that occurred, bad behavior by others, or times were you felt upset, angry, betrayed or hurt.

This is not helpful, but it is simply the way that the mind works and you have to be smarter than it. You have to be smarter than your mind. You can’t allow your mind to run the show.

Realize that you run the show.

The past is not happening now, even though you may still feel that it is. Your mind is making you relive something that isn’t even happening in order to protect you or to prevent it from happening again. Your mind simply wants you to be safe.

It wants you to remember that this happened so that you can make sure it doesn’t happen again, but in the process of that it creates pain in the present, which is unnecessary.

That pain looks like anger, resentment, guilt, frustration, and even depression. Your mind is constantly reliving this scenario, or creating stories based on this past scenario in order to help you, but the truth is, it is not helping you at all.

It is causing you pain. In order to be free from this pain we need to understand the difference between feelings and emotions.

Feelings are connected with the present moment. Something happens and we feel something in the present as a result.

Emotions are connected to the past. We experience emotions when the mind continues to think about the past. Emotions are entirely based on the way we perceive certain situations from the past (or even the future).

If you experience anger, resentment or sadness because of something that happened, realize it isn’t even happening anymore. The only place, in which it is still happening, is in your mind.

Realizing this puts you in a position of power. From here you can see that the only cause of your pain is in the mind and you can choose to decide whether you want to believe the mind or not.

You can refuse to play the mind’s silly game.

If the past comes up in your mind, or an emotion related to the past, simply look around and ask yourself, “Is it happening now?

The answer will always be no. The more that you do this; the less it will come up.

Those negative thoughts and emotions will start to fade away.

The emotions only continue to linger because before now you chose to focus on them and believe them instead of seeing them for what they really are. They are unnecessary because they are linked to the past. These emotions are causing you pain in the present. They are blocking you from peace and happiness, which is completely accessible to you, now.

All you have to do is simply let go.

Your mind is going to tell you that you can’t let go. It’s going to continue to remind you of the hurt and the pain and it’s your job to see the mind’s behavior and choose not to act in accordance with it.

You should ignore the emotions that coincide with this past situation because they have been created upon false pretenses by your ego. When they come up, remind yourself that it is safe for you to let go.

The best antidote for holding on to the past is to live in the present as often as you can through meditation, mindfulness, yoga or by doing the things that you enjoy. Doing things you enjoy automatically brings you into the present moment.

You were born as a powerful human being. Powerful, meaning you have the strength and the ability to let go. With practice you can get better at it over time.

Simply recognize the mind and what it is doing; it is creating a false sense of pain in order to protect you. You can thank the mind for bringing it up and then remind yourself that it is safe for you to let go because you are wise.

You don’t need emotional pain to protect you anymore or to stop you from repeating the past.

Trust in your ability to handle what the future holds.

About the author: Alanna Blundo

Alanna is a registered mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher who offers private coaching, strategies and guidance for those who are feeling stuck or experiencing anxiety. Alanna will help you find clarity and freedom regardless of how bad you think your situation is. A break up, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, pressure at a new job, confusion about your career, overwhelm, whatever it is, Alanna believes there is always something that can be done.

She wants you to feel empowered to take charge and move forward from any situation. To find out more visit the website.

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