How To Make Every Day Fabulous

How To Make Every Day Fabulous

We all have them.

Those days when nothing seems to go right. Absolutely nothing.

A few years ago, I found myself in a job that didn’t inspire me. At all. In those days, most days were bad days – just the level of awfulness varied. I would wake up feeling tired. The dread of the day ahead would loom large. Traffic would invariably be awful and would often make me late. And it would degenerate from there.

Sound at all familiar?

Unsurprisingly the day would often end with a throbbing headache and a fervent wish that tomorrow would be better.

Which it very seldom was. Back then I was very much a “victim to my circumstances”. I believed that my external conditions dictated how I felt inside. My “outside-In” days.

I hated my job and was therefore unhappy. And if I wanted to be happy I needed to change my job. Surely it was that simple??

I desperately read every self-help book I could find in an attempt to climb out of this sludge of victimhood. And in that searching I happened upon the power behind universal laws. More specifically the Law of Attraction.

And my life changed forever.

Quantum Physics 101 says that you get what you expect. That your THINKING is what determines your reality. Which means that how you feel INSIDE is what determines your conditions OUTSIDE. Which means we live “inside-out”. It blew my mind.

Could I really be that powerful? Could I really have whatever I wanted?? Was it truly that simple?

Yup, yup and yup.

Let’s begin with some basics. Here’s how you can begin to banish those bad days:

1. Start your day by setting a CLEAR INTENTION to have a GOOD day. No matter what.

EXPECT to feel good.

EXPECT to rendezvous with nice people.

EXPECT things to work out easily.

And then they will. I promise.

2. Reach for a NEW PERSPECTIVE within your current circumstances.

Dr. Wayne Dyer always said “if you change the way you look at something, then what you’re looking at changes”.

It’s about consciously noticing and focusing on the GOOD things that already exist in your current circumstances.

I left for work 10 mins earlier and chose a less congested route. I also banned the radio and piled all my favorite music onto my iPod for the commute. This became MY time and I grew to relish it. And it felt good.

There are ALWAYS nice things around you if you look hard enough.

3. ACCEPT your environment as it is.

Drop any judgement of anything being “wrong”. It simply “is what it is”. This step may seem difficult (or even a bit bizarre) but it really isn’t.

Judging everything we see as right/wrong, good/bad is simply a habit. It’s what we’ve been taught to do. You’re going to simply change your perspective and see everything as neutral.

It’s letting go of resistance and allowing a sense of EASE.

Ultimately our experience of life is a choice: Are you someone who ambles into your day hoping that it proves to be a good one?


do you DECIDE that it's going to be GREAT and wait for the evidence to show up..?

About the author: Jacky Exton

Jacky believes that we all know inherently what’s best for us but we forget how to access with that inner wisdom when we need it most. Jacky helps people reconnect with that intuition in order to get back onto the path of creating their perfect life. If you’re feeling stuck and need some clarity on your next step or simply want to read some more of her musings then connect with her at

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