Breaking Free From Your Comfort Zone

Breaking Free From Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone - it's warm, it's cozy, it's safe.  It's kind of like your mother's womb and well, you know how that goes, at some point you have to get out of there!

Personally, I'm not crazy about the term "comfort zone".  

I think it should be renamed the "staying stuck zone" instead.  Because unfortunately, that's what it really is.  

And whether we like it or not, we sometimes have to venture out of it in order to make things happen in our life.  

There are lots of ways that we stay in our comfort zones.

It might staying in a job that you hate.  Or maybe it's staying in a relationship that you know isn't working anymore.  It might be choosing not to have a tough conversation with your kid because you are afraid to.  Or choosing not take the leap and move to that city that you love where you vacationed last winter.

Staying in your comfort zone might seem like the path of least resistance but in reality, it's the more difficult one.  We can't grow if we stay stagnant.  

The truth is that we all have 2 roads that we can go down - the safe one that has all of the street lights.  Or the darker road where we can't see the turns around the corner.  

The safe road will take you in one big circle.  

With the darker road, you may not know where it leads to but there might be something great at the end. But fear not, the darker road doesn't have to be as scary as it seems.

This is where your intuition comes in.

When you hone your intuition skills it's like having a flashlight to take with you on the darker road. You still don't quite know where it will lead, but at least you have something that will light your way as you go down it.

It will give you little glimpses that you are on the right track and it will show you which ways to turn.

When making decisions in life, weighing the pros and cons is certainly important but it's also just one piece of the puzzle. 

Trusting your gut feelings should play a major part as well.  And while feelings can sometimes be easy to dismiss, remember that they are there for a reason.  

They will make stepping out of your comfort zone... just a little more comfortable.

About the author: Kelly Anne Buchanan

Kelly Anne Buchanan is a life coach who helps people break free from spirit draining careers and build businesses that they love.  She is giving away her free PDF "3 Mistakes That Are Keeping You Stuck In A Job You Hate".

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Be Yourself And Be Free!

Be Yourself And Be Free!

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