How To Find Your Purpose

How To Find Your Purpose

So you want to be successful right...but what is success? Success is achieving whatever purpose you've set for yourself in life, there’s a unique definition for all of us.

So what’s yours? 

Naturally, the first step toward success is defining what success is. In other words, you have to first define the purpose that drives you in life. 

What’s the mission you're on? What are you continuously working towards? What do you live for?

Obviously, only you can answer these here’s the 2 things you need to figure out that will help identify your purpose. 

2 Things You Need To Figure Out

Your higher purpose lies at the crossroad of your personal capabilities and a make-a-difference opportunity. Do this simple exercise right now to find where your intersection is. 

Grab a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the center.


1. On the left side list your talents, abilities, natural skills, or instincts. 

Ask yourself:

What am I good at? What do I as an individual bring to every situation? What can I do that’s worth paying for? 

Everyone is blessed with their own gift they can contribute.

The sooner you identify yours, the easier it’ll be to relate them to an outside need you care about.

Sometimes we don’t even realize for ourselves what we’re good at, so ask a close friend or a family member to get an outside perspective.

You should include general attributes as well as specific skills. 

2. On the right side list some needs that you care about.

This could be a gazillion different things...a business’ need to be organized, people’s need to express themselves, the need to learn, or anything else you’ve noticed is needed in any area.

Think about what gets your blood boiling or what brings tears to your eyes. 


Keep in mind: the need you care about can be something simple, it doesn’t have to be something super revolutionary like eliminating poverty or saving the environment. No one's purpose is better or worse than any other.

If it’s helpful to others and gives you meaning, then go for it. 

So go ahead! Get out a piece of paper and start thinking about this, it’s easily the most important thing to know in your life so no pressure. Don’t expect to figure out your purpose right on the spot either.

If you do, then awesome, but by knowing what you’re good at and the needs you care about you’ll be able to identify your purpose as you go on observing and experiencing life. 


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