Get Motivated Right Now

Get Motivated Right Now


Feel more motivated after watching that? Good. Didn’t take long right? 

Every once in a while you need a little reality check to put you back on track and pumped up. 

Here are 5 other things you can do that will keep you excited and passionate about your goals. 

Have A Strong “Why”

It’s so easy to get lost in the countless everyday tasks of life that we sometimes we forget why we’re even working in the first place. If you have an intense desire to fulfill your purpose and a strong reason why you are working so hard, then you won’t mind it at all. 

In fact, if it’s something you're truly passionate about (which it should) then you’ll actually be looking forward to making progress. 

If you’re ever feeling down or unmotivated, just stop and remember your “why”.

*If you haven’t found your purpose or some worthy goal to strive for in life, go read our article on How To Find Your Purpose

Dream Build

A few minutes of dream building can get you extremely motivated and feeling better in just a few minutes.

When you dream build, you are literally looking up things that make you visualize your dream. It’s a way of vividly remembering your “why.” 

For example, if your dream is to become wealthy, you should take a few minutes everyday and watch videos or look at pictures of luxurious mansions, exotic cars, expensive watches, and everything else you dream of having once you are wealthy.

You can do this with whatever your goal is. 

With these pictures in mind, imagine yourself in possession of those things until you get so excited that you can’t wait one more second to have them. 

Soon you’ll be itching to get back to work making progress toward that goal. 

Read Success Stories

One reason people start losing motivation is because they start doubting that achieving their dream is possible. Read success stories of people who have already  accomplished what you’re striving towards.

Seeing that some people are already living your dream will restore your belief that it’s possible for you too.

If they can do it, so can you! 

Track Your Progress

Losing perspective of where you are can make you feel like you’ve been working so hard but are going nowhere. 

Start tracking all the progress you make. 

Make a list of tasks you need to do then physically cross off what gets finished so you can get a feel of how far you’ve come. 

Once you start realizing that you truly are making progress, you’ll be motivated to make even more. 

Read/Watch Motivational Stuff! 

Duuuh...if you want to get motivated then take a few minutes to watch or read motivational material! 

This is the most direct way to get motivated because it’s like getting slapped in the face with a reality check, realizing that you need to stop complaining, and keep pushing forward.

The best way to engrave motivational thoughts into your mind is by repeating positive affirmations to yourself until it becomes a natural part of your thought process.

Check out our article about affirmations to get started with some powerful ones right now. 


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