Master Your Fears

Master Your Fears

How would you label yourself? Cautious? Adventurous? Nervous? Bold? 

Regardless of which one you are we all feel fear, it’s how you choose to deal with it that makes all the difference.

Answer this question honestly for yourself: What would you do differently if you weren’t afraid of anything? 

Right now your fears are limiting you, keeping you from being the best person you can possibly be. The funny thing is...most of these fears are really nothing to be afraid of! 

You’re dropped into the jungle - alone - at night. 

Can you survive? Yeah.

Do you stop caring about what that girl might think about you at school? Definitely.

Within 24 hours you’re left only with the fears that actually count: getting eaten, abandonment, disease...and yeah that’s pretty much it. 

Everything else you’re afraid of is as important as you believe it to be. Nothing can really hurt you unless you let it.

Have you ever actually done something you were afraid of and then after said to yourself: “Hey, that wasn’t so bad!”. That’s basically always how it goes...

Fear will always be there...the difference between those achieving their dreams and those that don’t is that they feel the fear but do it anyways.

Forget that inner voice that keeps telling you to stay in your comfort zone.

Listen to it, and you’ll get nowhere. You’ll never get hurt - but you’ll also never learn. 

The lessons you learn best are those you get burned by.

With no scar left behind you have no evidence or strong memory. Just deal with the consequences as they come. The results are rarely fatal, and often, don't hurt at all. 

The more positive you are the easier it is for you to believe this. Tell yourself that you move forward and accept tough situations: “No matter the breakup, the job loss, or the injury, I know I’ll recover and end up fine”. 

Mastering you fear involves looking at fear in a whole different way…

Your New Attitude Towards Fear 

Leave the old scared you behind. Burn it. Never look back. 

From now on you will make an impact by choosing to do what makes others nervous. You will be successful because you do what others are afraid to do. 

You now see fear as a chance to learn a powerful lesson and get ahead in life, not as something which limits what you want to accomplish. 

Don’t think. Act before you talk yourself out of it. We can always revise and revisit once we’ve acted, but we accomplish nothing until we act. From this moment on you’re going to make fear your best friend by taking opportunities to do what you’re afraid of.

By nature, us humans are afraid of the unknown, but replace fear of the unknown with curiosity. 

Tell yourself repeatedly: “I do not avoid fear; fear is my best friend. I know that fear is merely an illusion. nothing can hurt me unless I let it. I am successful because I do what everyone else is afraid to do.” 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
— Jack Canfield

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to go get what you want, or are you going to keep wasting your life away being limited by fear?

You can make that choice right now.

Just remember: time waits for no man - you can’t turn back the hands of the clock and in the end the things you’ll regret the most are the ones you didn’t do!

Okay, so most of us admit we’re afraid of failure. But what about the fear of success?

You may not realize it but the fear of success might be holding you back below to learn why. 


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