Skinny Guy Training

Skinny Guy Training

You know who you see those huge ripped guys looking swole at the gym, meanwhile you can't seem to even put an inch on your bicep. There's nothing wrong with that, it just means you have to grind extra hard to achieve your dream physique. 

             Vince Del Monte

             Vince Del Monte

So if you’re skinny and ready to gain some serious mass on your bones, then read closely because this is meant for you.

This information is based on the experience of the famous fitness guru Vince Del Monte a.k.a. "The Skinny Guy Savior".

Click Here to learn the story of Vince and why he is the epitome of a “skinny to muscular" transformation, and now he is dedicated to help other skinny guys get their dream body.

Stop Chasing Two Goals At The Same Time!

“If you try to chase two rabbits, both are sure to escape.” This also applies to training and how it should be split up.

Keep in mind, each day that you wake up is a new start and a new opportunity to morph your so-so, skinny frame into a hunky, beastly body that will surely earn you some respect from other men and definitely get you noticed by the ladies.

You should INVEST your time each day into working hard at a gym, not just spending time there. Once your are doing this, you can have the body that shows you’re in control of your physique and your destiny.

Remember, you HAVE the power to get the body - and anything else for that matter - that you want out of life.

The choice is yours.


Your weekly training needs to consist of a well-planned routine that is based on your previous workout, as well as the workout to follow.

What a Lack of Planning Results In…

  1. You just trained your chest yesterday, and you’re still sore from it the following day. When you’re at the gym, this pain will put a damper on your leg training.
  2. Now, it’s arm day. Your biceps are swollen and you’re experiencing some tightness, because of the chin-ups you did yesterday. You're obviously in no condition to train your back today.
  3. Your triceps are sore from the super-sets you hammered out yesterday. Since today is chest day, how are you going to bench press?

If this sounds familiar, it probably means that there’s not any planning involved in your training. Here’s an example given by Vince Del Monte of how a weekly routine should look.

It might sound like an overabundance of work, but if you’re serious about getting in shape, then that’s what it’s going to take.

- Monday: Arms

Ok its Monday, and you’re training arms. You want your arms to be fresh when you’re training other body parts like your back, shoulders or chest.

Therefore, your arms need to be away from these parts when you create your plan, since your large muscle groups will suffer from working your arms the day before.


- Tuesday: Make Your Legs Special

The dreaded legs day should definitely have their own day.

So now that it’s Tuesday, you should train your legs, due to the fact that skinny guys need to particularly focus on the leg muscles.

I mean, it IS half of your body after all so if you want to put on pounds of muscle don't be a leg day skipper! 

Large muscles groups like those within your legs stress your heart and the rest of your body. 

The energy you use training your legs should take all your energy, so that you’re not even able to train a second body part on the same day you’re doing your legs.

- Wednesday: Chest & Shoulders Should Share

They might both be large muscle groups that comprise your upper body; however, you haven’t focused your training on the arms since Monday. You know what that means?

Your shoulders and arms are well rested, so you can go at it until they can’t take any more. Because of the location of the chest and shoulders, there’s a lot of overlap between the two muscle groups.

They both require pressing motions, and your shoulder’s anterior head is used a great deal when you’re exercising your chest.


- Thursday: Back

A strong back helps you lift more in almost every area, so working out your back means using a lot of your energy reserve.

back workout.jpg

Before this workout you should have optimal energy and not be experiencing any tightness in your legs and lower back.

And of course, your biceps must have already recovered to allow you to receive the most beneficial workout from weighted chin-ups and heavy rows.


- Make One Day Of The Weekend An Active Day

For instance, designate Saturday as your active day. Work on your cardio, calves and abs.

Do a little cardio, but not more than 40 minutes of it. Then, work on your legs and calves. Generally, these body parts don’t have a correlation with other muscle groups.

Sunday can be your kick-back-relax day, but make sure you also eat well on this day. What a life, huh? You get an entire day to take it easy and chow down!

Like all workout plans, there are imperfections. But, continue this regimen for about four to six weeks.

Ask yourself what improvements you can make to the routine you currently implement.

Vince Del Monte didn't go from skinny to swole by doing random stuff everyday. His and all other bodybuilder's success is thanks to a well-coordinated schedule that leaves no doubt of what is going to be worked on each day.

For a much more comprehensive guide on how a skinny guy like you can build muscle FAST, just click the button below!

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