5 Mass Gaining Myths That Are Holding You Back3

5 Mass Gaining Myths That Are Holding You Back3


So you’re trying to build some mass huh? You're tired of those noodle arms you have and you're thinking:

“What can I do to see NOTICEABLE gains?”

“What tips and exercises are real? Which are just wasting time?”

Well we're about to put an end to the rumors and debunk some myths there are about building muscle.

Here they are...the top 5 myths of mass gaining.

Myth #1: A Big Muscle Is A Strong Muscle

There's a difference between having a big muscle and having a strong muscle.

Its the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk….or if you’re like Arnold, than you talk and walk.

Just because you have a big muscle doesn't mean it necessarily packs a punch.

Myth #2: Protein, Protein, Protein.

For some reason many people are under the assumption that the more protein you consume the more muscle you carbs, just protein.

If you live by this rule, then sorry, but your method is flawed. Carbs are essential when it comes to putting on that mass! They give you the energy you need for a hard workout and fuel your muscles for better and faster recovery.

So compliment that steak with a nice baked potato, and get ready to load up on carbs because you’re going to need them.

Myth #3: All Protein Supplements Are Created Equal

Protein is protein right? Wrong! This is one of the worst myths you could ever hear!

Not all proteins are created equal.

There is a long list of protein varieties such as whey protein, whey isolate protein, casein, hydrolysate protein, soy protein and even milk isolate protein...just to name a few, and they all work for different things!

Some contain amino acid blends, some have digestive enzymes and some are just basic protein and carbs.

The easiest way to tell what is what is usually just by LOOKING AT THE LABEL... its that simple!

Read the label. Do your research. Gain muscle. 

Myth #4: Creatine Will Effect My Hormone Function

Don't let this one hold you back either.

While creatine can help promote strength and muscle mass, studies have shown that creatine will not affect the bodies hormone functions. These hormones include testosterone, human growth hormone, or cortisol.

It’s just creatine people! No steroids here!

Myth #5: Stick To The Basic Workouts - Low Reps and Heavy Weight

Though this is sometimes a good way of building mass, there is a flaw with only going heavier in weight, and doing reps with weight you've never even touched before.

See, as human beings our bodies are always trying to keep up with us, whether its building new muscle fibers or running a 5k just for the hell of it.

As a result, your body starts to remember and get used to your workouts.

Say you've gone heavy on the bench press every other day for the past 3 weeks and now your body is accustomed to it...then before you know it you've hit a plateau.

This is why its always important to switch your routines and shock your muscles!

Try mixing up your workouts with some lighter weights, hit more reps, and focus on perfect form.

Make it so your body doesn't know what's coming next. Switch up your workouts about every month or so, and you're guaranteed to see gains

So scratch those myths off the list and go hit the gym! 

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