10 Muscle Building Tips You Have To Know

10 Muscle Building Tips You Have To Know


As you are consistently working toward your fitness goals, there will always be a time when you hit a plateau.

Don't worry, this occurs when you've almost reached your ideal fitness level. At this point, you're basically stuck at one level, but now its time to step it up a notch.

Here are 10 muscle building tips that will help you get there MUCH faster:  

1. Know Your Body Frame

Not everyone is the same when it comes to body type, some of us have a bigger build than other's while others have a slimmer and leaner look.

Figuring out your body frame is a MUST when figuring out the best type of workouts and diet for your goals. 

2. What Your Parents Gave You Shouldn't Determine Your Goals

You can achieve any goal you set your mind for, despite any genetic barriers you may have (i.e. a high BMI, low/high metabolism).

It may take a some extra work, but don't let what you THINK is set in stone limit what you aim for.

3. Put It Down On Paper

Research indicates that when you physically write down detailed goals with deadlines to meet and a specific path to follow, you're much more likely to be successful at achieving that goal.

4. Age Is Just A Number

Age shouldn't necessarily be a factor in reaching your fitness goals either, especially since it's something you can't change.

Focus on what you CAN control, such as your diet, routine, or your sleeping patterns. 

5. Find A Workout Buddy

When someone is there to push you, you'll find yourself working much harder than you would alone.

Besides, when you're going up in weight, sometimes you NEED someone there to save your life if it's too much. 

6. Try Increasing Your Range Of Motion Before Increasing The Weight

When you workout you should fully contract and stretch your muscles. If you cheat and only use part of your muscles, you’ll only receive partial results.

7. When Grocery Shopping, Stick To The Outer Aisles

These aisles are typically where the fresh produce, dairy and meat are located.

The inner portion of the grocery store consists of processed foods and canned goods that should be avoided if you want to build muscle fast.

8. Aside From Protein, Creatine Stands Out As The Top Bodybuilding Supplement

Since the 90's, creatine has been at the top of supplement charts and has not seen a decrease in popularity since. 

To learn more about creatine and get your hands one of the best types CLICK HERE. 

9. Invest In A Blender

The amount of calories that you must eat to gain muscle mass are much easier to consume in liquid form.

This is definitely important if you have a busy lifestyle that doesn't allow you to eat every three to four hours. Plus, once you get the recipes down, smoothies and milkshakes are just straight up delicious. 

10. Switch Up Your Routine

Every 4 weeks or so, you should change your program completely. Try doing the opposite of the original order your routine is in, or just try some new exercises altogether!

So for example, if you worked on your chest first, you should do it last next time. If you worked on abs on Monday, you should do them on Friday next time.

Change up the amount of sets you do too.


Put these 10 tips into action and before you know it people will start noticing your gains before you do! 


Skinny Guy Training

Skinny Guy Training

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