6 Habits of Highly Productive People

You know who I’m talking about...those people who can somehow manage to get a whole project done in the same time it took you to write one paragraph of an essay.

Ok maybe its not that bad, but what are those highly productive people doing that you’re not? What secret habits to they have that are getting them ahead in life? 

Well read closely, here are a few you can start putting into practice TODAY. 

By following these same habits and genuinely practicing them, you can have others wondering how you do it too. 

Visualize Your Life

Your imagination is so much more powerful than you realize. Just think about when you dream...everything feels so real while you're in it until you finally wake up and realize none of it actually happened. 

Visualization is like daydreaming with a purpose. Whenever you vividly imagine yourself doing something, it’s the next closest thing to actually doing it in real life. 

Average people sit around wishing they could have what they want. Productive people know what they want, plan ways to get it, and then visualize getting it until it becomes real life.

Now don’t take this the wrong can’t just visualize and then go eat a sandwich. 

Visualization only works if you do. Action is what truly separates the dreamers from the go-getters. 

Visualize yourself in the future as you want to be. Make that thought into a picture then step into that picture. Do this constantly.
— Jordan Belfort aka "The Wolf of Wallstreet"

Cut Off the Unimportant

Ask yourself these questions about every task in your life:

  • Is this getting me closer to my dreams?
  • Is this teaching me something valuable?
  • Is this creating any real value in my life?
  • Is this the absolute best way I could be spending my time right now? 

If the answer is no, then drop it.

You don’t have time to waste on unnecessary things which aren’t going to further you in life. The same goes for people. You can’t afford to waste your time and energy on people who are only bringing you down or have nothing but negative things to say.

Drop them. It may sound ruthless and a bit selfish, but in this case you have to be. 

We can’t please everyone, and if you’re going to be successful then you need to surround yourself with people who are like-minded and positive. You need people who are going to bring you up and push you to be even better than you are now. 

Take Time For Yourself & Tap Into Your Inspiration

Just because someone is always busy working hard doesn't necessarily mean they are being productive (or happy).

What you really need is to take some time for yourself, relax, smell the roses, and most importantly, get some more inspiration that will fuel even more hard work. 

What truly inspires you? What really gets you going?

Say for example you really really love cars and you’re working towards getting your dream car.

Take a break from work and watch videos or photos of that car, picture yourself in the driver’s seat and get super excited about being able to get that car.

You’ll find that an exercise like this will fill up your tank with motivational energy to continue being productive with your work. 

Learn How To Say “No”

You can’t do it all, accept it.

Sometimes we feel bad saying “no” to someone, and instead we get into something we can’t handle or just really hate. In the end, it becomes a waste of time for both parties.

Don’t be afraid to say no if you honestly feel that you don’t have the time or skills to accomplish a certain task. 

Take Advantage of Time Pockets

Time pockets: the small amounts of time you have between events that only SEEM like a waste. You usually have these while commuting, waiting in line, walking somewhere, etc.

Productive people know that these small time slots are often when the most important things are learned.

Look at when your time pockets are, and have some productive activities ready for when they come.

Listen to some informational podcasts, read a book, or do some planning. You’ll be shocked at what can be accomplished in such a short time period!

Stay Humble

None of us are perfect so there’s no use in pretending to be. If you make a mistake, admit it. If you’ve done something wrong, then sincerely apologize.

We all fail at things from time to time...the difference between productive people and everyone else is that they don’t waste time sulking over their failures feeling sorry for themselves.

Own up to your mistake, learn from it, and keep moving forward. 

Highly productive people also don’t just read something important once and then forget about it….if you diligently apply these principles and live by them, you WILL become a better person for it. 

So go for it, your journey to reaching a higher level in life starts right here.